Design through prototyping

Prototyping supports communicating and exploring ideas, gathering feedback and revealing weak spots. Furthermore, rough prototypes in an early stage of the design process allow changes in the design without dismissing hours or days of work. No matter if its a box made out of cardbord, sticky notes which represent video clips or a little robotic box which imitates emotions: prototyping describes ideas and provides an early experience of the desired outcome.

design as a process

\”permanent beta\” is a phrase which describes design as an always changing and adapting process. The focus is not that much on just one final outcome but rather on the process and the used methologies.

Material Matters

Material used to be seen as the passive part, the part which is formed, processed or adapted. Nowadays it should rather be handled as an operative structure, which has its own qualities and features. In nature we already find materials with different mechanics, shapes or systems. How can we stimulate and reanimate these forces through internal and external effects?


No matter if its a product, a video or a service, they can all tell a story. Its about dealing with the expectations of the user and winning him over with an honest and well told story. Storytelling can also be used as an tool during the design process to built scenarios and thereby probe every detail of the design.