Photographic documentary

Photographic documentary
three month course // Meighan Ellis // Auckland University of Auckland

Rented life
In my photographic documentary I captured moments of the life in a hostel in Auckland. Some people have been staying in this hostel for a year now, some just came for one night. It is a rented life, anything that the people who are living in the hostel use does not belong to them but is borrowed from the hostel. Still they call it “their home“, at least the longtermers do.So, what is home? Is it about belongings or where one belongs to? Is it about the people they meet in the hostel, or about themselves? How to people create their own space, do they need personal space? How can a place like a hostel become a home and how do people interact with this home?
Additionally to our photographic studiy we had to chose a suitable magazine where our photos could be published. I chose to write a cover story about “Home” and designed it in the stlye of  British Journal of Photography.