Award winning opening sequence for an existing TV documentary
three month project // Björn Bartholdy // competition: kurzundschoen
In this project of KISD I created an opening sequence for the TV documentary: “Menschen Hautnah, WDR” and then entered the competition “Kurz und Schön”.
“Menschen Hautnah” has a close look at life, it deals with emotions, it displays real people like me and you but at a closer look. They all have a special story to tell and everyone has his/her own detail that makes him/her special. As the title suggests, “Menschen Hautnah” deals with details of peoples life and is very close to the people. I chose to not show stereotypical situations like playing children or elderly people holding hands on a bench, but close ups of normal people and their emotions, because that is what makes “Menschen Hautnah” special.