The life of material

experiments with material and shapes
concept and design of an exhibition
, video documentation
three months project // Prof. Dr. Höfler, Prof.  Muxel // concept // together with Rebekka Hehn

As the world becomes more and more digital, it seems that material doesn´t play a major part in it any longer. But material should be given a second look, not as the passive part, the part which is formed, processed or adapted, nowadays it should rather be seen as an operative structure, which has its own qualities and features. How do we use different material? What is the natural behaviour of it? And how could it be combined with digital codes? Which coding does the material bring along?


Rice Paper
Rice paper is mainly used in the asian cuisine, commonly for Spring Rolls or Wan tan. However, in this project ricepaper is deliberatly used in a different context than food, avoiding all prejudices. In order to find out the qualities of this material several experiments were conducted. Soaking in water, the rice paper becomes smooth and flexible. During the process of drying it contracts and moreover adopts different structures. The little domes show refined structures which occure when rice paper is placed on a surface which is slowly shrinking.
A possible area of application of this material could be in the field of bioplastics, as it is made without adding any chemicals, consists out of renewable resources and is compostable. It can be transferred into any form and shows a certain kind of stability.