No one like Rheiner

creating a brand: concept, layout, website, marketing, businiessplan
six month project // Prof. Dr. Baron// concept, layout // together with Rebekka Hehn and Julian Güttge

After 500 years, the german purity law still dominates the german beer market. In this self initiated project we asked ourselves, if this law really is an indicator for a high quality beer and a delicious taste?
Looking at the world beer awards you can´t help but notice: The best breweries are indeed not from Germany. There are even brewers leaving Germany because they call the german purity law limiting and old fashioned. After all it only seems to be a symbol which is used by the industry to promote the non existing, high quality of their industrial beer.

Maybe it is the time to overcome the german purity law? We decided to brew our own beer and create a brand concept for a beer which has something special inside.Our beer should not only be extremly good tasting and be modern it should also wake people up. Thats why we decided on our special ingredient the Mate.

We used an existing recipe and during the process of brewing we added the Mate. Together with the hop it was cooked for 2 hours and unfold the special flavour and an extra pinch of caffeine



To connect with consumers in the craft beer scene and beyond, our logo is following the rules of a known design set, with mixed fonts, thin lines and an icon at the top of it with a barley and a mate leaf finalized in an heart. With this we focused on a modern look with familiar visualisations in the beer segment. But our beer is not a standart industrial brewed beer. So to underline this handcrafted character and the special ingredient, we destroyed this typical logo with two colours. And this is not done digital, every sprinkle is handmade and so each bottle is unique and special. Not only in comparison to other beers on the markets but also your very own bottle is individual. There is no one like Rheiner: “Keiner wie Rheiner”