design through prototyping
one week project// Prof. Andreas Muxel, Giovanni Inella// in cooperation with Fujitsu// together with Yuske, Qi Hong and Feargal


The workshop’s aim was to explore new ways of storing, broadcasting and building upon the experiences, interactions and memories generated by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Participants were asked to reflect on the wealth of cultural and social experiences enabled by the Olympics and quickly prototype ideas in the form of installations, devices and services for individual users as well as for the public space. With the meaning of “Making and Making Sense” prototyping was also used to overcome cultural, language and disciplinary barriers and design not only for Olympia itself but think about the time following the event. The workshop was held by Prof. Andreas Muxel and Giovanni Inella in cooperation with Fujitsu Japan. During one week in an international team, we did research in Tokyo and built prototypes to explore mechanisms and interactions.


To capture the excitment after the Olympic games we transformed the typical japanease photoboxes “Purikulas” into boxes, which can not only capture photos but also sound. By cheering loudly the visitors can trigger the photo and are recorded. The prototype was made out of cardboard with a screen of an ipad and a laptop. With processing the laptop acted as a sound sensor and as soon as a certain sound level was reached, the laptop-cam took a photo.

With their admission these recordings can later be formed to an interactive video wall, containing hundreds of little moments and sounds of the excitmentduring the olympic games. The combination of sound and photo can also be send home, as an audivisual memory.