Taiwanease tea culture

Kung fu cha dao
Design of an exhibition, Design in an intercultural context
//three month project in cooperation with Shi Chien University/ Taiwan

This project was about working together in an international context concerning the topic of tea. Together with the taiwanease students from Shi Chien, we did research about the traditional chinease tea ceremony. How does it work, who is doing it, is it still up to date? Our team of 5 focused on the field of products, we did trips to the old manufactoring city of Yinge, had a look at the tea pot handcraft competition, visited modern tea shops and most of all had a private tea ceremony with Shawn, a taiwanease friend, who is celebrating the tea ceremony for 50 years now. The fact, that impressed us the most about tea ceremony was one sentence that Shawn said: he talked about “raising a pot”. A tea master loves his tea pot, he knows it and treats it like a child.

In the end all Teams designed an exhibition to present the group work at KISD and exhibit our findings about tea and tea ceremony.